Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Services Provided:

Website Design & Development

Net Victories has a great affinity for the arts (fun fact: we have an amateur photographer, cartoonist, and painter on staff at the firm!).  Building a new online platform for the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) not only let us showcase our agility as developers, it also allowed us to contribute to the arts in a real way, right where we live.

HCCC is a non-profit: they have a small staff working hard to accomplish big things with limited resources. And because HCCC is a leading institution in their field, the staff updates their website quite often—posting to the blog, changing exhibitions, adding upcoming events—and posting lots and lots of photos.

But, HCCC had a problem. Their website was difficult to update.  Too many changes required the staff to edit HTML code. What’s more, they had to move files around on the server just to add new photos.  Their website became burdened with outdated information. The staff was forced to spend too much time working on the website, rather building a successful organization.

Net Victories set out to make the entire website editable and to make managing the website as fast and easy as possible. To do this, we designed a back-end system tailored to HCCC’s specific needs. We also developed custom forms for every different type of content on their site, from exhibits to events, resident artists to gift shop items. No more editing HTML code, no more tweaking the server—just simple, easy-to-use web forms.

We built the website to be intelligent. For example, when an event or exhibit ends, the system automatically takes it down and relocates the event to the appropriate archive space. The HCCC can now post it once and forget about it—the system handles the rest.

Our clients want technology to make their lives easier, not harder. Now, the HCCC staff has a website that’s as on-the-ball as they are—and gives them more time to run their organization.